Crazy cheap bulletin board

Crazy cheap bulletin board

When I was creating my craft room I wanted a place to pin up photos and craft ideas for inspiration but I was trying to keep my costs super low so I didn’t want to buy a new bulletin board.  After searching thrift stores for an old bulletin board and not finding anything (and getting a huge cardboard box for my birthday) I came up with an idea of how to make my own for next to nothing.

I started by cutting 2 pieces of cardboard to the size I wanted for my bulletin board.

I used a scrap of fabric that I cut it a little bigger than the pieces of cardboard.  Then I attached the fabric to the back of the board using packing tape (it doesn’t look that great but nobody will know what the back looks like, except us).

I attached it to the wall with a little nail in each corner and that’s it!  I use straight pins to hang things on my board because I have an abundance of them.


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