Sweet and Cool~ 1st Birthday Ice Cream Party!

Sweet and Cool~ 1st Birthday Ice Cream Party!

My boy is an outdoorsy boy and in a perfect world we would have an outdoors party to celebrate his first year of life but alas, we live in Texas and when it’s August in Texas the last place you want to be is outdoors.  We decided it would be nice to cool off indoors with an ice cream party!

For inspiration for what I wanted the decor and invitations to look like, I went to the craft store and oogled at the scrapbook papers.  I chose a few solid colors and prints and bought a bunch and headed home to create.

I saved $$ on the invitations by making them by hand and also making cards that doubled as envelopes!!

I thought circles would be a fun, playful theme to go with for decorations so I got my handy scissors and started cutting.  Now it would have been super handy if I had a circle cutter, but cheap crafty mammas don’t need fancy crafty tools!  To make things easier I used my computer and printed the circles on the paper and then cut them out.  When I had cut all that I could stand, I started sewing them together to make festive garlands.  I just ran them right throught the sewing machine and they turned out even cooler than I had imagined.  When air blew on them they spun around, my boy loved to watch them!

I hung them from chandeliers, the front door, and any piece of furniture that was looking drab.

I found some fun vinly table cloths on an end of summer clearance for $1.99 and I’m sure I will be able to re-use them in the future too!

To continue with the circle theme, I made a circle banner for the fireplace.  I printed out the letters in the size I wanted, then taped the printed letters to the scrap book paper and cut them out using an exacto knife on a cutting mat.  (Again, it would be much easier to have a fancy cutting gadget and if you have one, go for it!)

Another way we saved money with this party was to have it in the afternoon when we didn’t need to serve a meal.  I found some blue serving dishes, bowls, silverware, and napkins at the dollar store and got lots of fun toppings for the ice cream bar.

I made cupcakes with circle toppers with Will’s picture on them, so cute!  I just used photoshop to print 1 inch circle photos and then cut them out along with some blue circles that were slightly larger.  I glued the 2 together, sandwiching a toothpick in the middle so I could stick them into the cupcakes!

For favors I made rice crispy cones!  I mixed up some rice crispy treats and stuffed them in ice cream cones and rounded off the top while it was still warm.  When they had cooled I melted some chocolate chips and covered the tops with chocolate and sprinkles to look like an ice cream cone!  I also made some circle labels to go on them.

I decorated some cups for the kiddos so they could keep up with their drinks.

And of course I had to make something special for the birthday boy to wear!  I got the plain green shirt at walmart and decorated it with an applique and paint.  To make the #1 applique I used “steam a seam” and drew the 1 on one side of it.  Then I peeled off the backing and stuck it to the plaid fabric and then cut out the lines I drew.  Then I peeled off the other backing and stuck it on the shirt (like a sticker) where I wanted it to go and ironed it so it would adhere.  After it was ironed-on I stitched around the edges.  Then I used acrylic paint to paint his name on top.

I had so much fun preparing for the party and the best part of the day was that he had a blast!


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