Funky jewelry storage/wall art

Funky jewelry storage/wall art

Someone in my family (knowing how much I loved to turn trash into treasures) gave me this old frame several years ago and I had been waiting for inspiration for what to create out of it.  I liked how it had a lot of “character;” it was painted gold (or at least it used to be) with several chunks missing.  When I decided it was time to do something about the jumbled mess that was my jewelry drawer, I remembered that I had the frame and decided to make some wall art that could also store and display my jewelry (most of which I made).

I started by painting the frame with chocolate brown latex paint (leaving a little gold showing through).  This helped hide the missing chunks.

Then I cut a piece of masonite (also called HDF) to fit in it.  To cut masonite you can use a box-cutting knife and straight edge, a table saw, or ask the nice people at Lowes or Home Depot to cut it for you when you buy it!

I painted the board with gold latex paint.  Then I used the brown frame paint to stencil on a design.  When that was dry I mixed the brown paint with glaze (1:1; I like the Valspar clear glaze at Lowes) and brushed it on and then used a cotton rag to dab some off and blend it.

I attached the board to the frame with glue and attached picture hanging loops and wire (the kind that is on the back of framed art) to hang my bangles from!


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