Swirly circles paper mobile

Swirly circles paper mobile

I made paper circle garlands for decorations for my son’s birthday party and he enjoyed them so much (and I put a lot of effort into making them) so I wanted to keep them out year-round.  I decided to make a mobile to hang over his changing table (and hopefully distract him from the fits he likes to pitch while having his diaper changed!)

To make the garlands, I just cut out a dizzying amount of circles (not all at once, I did it while watching t.v. or watching my son play).  Then I just ran them through the sewing machine, making the spaces between them vary in length.

To make the ring I used some thick copper wire and aqua ribbon (both leftover from previous projects).  I formed the wire into a circle and then wrapped ribbon around it.


I used fishing wire to hang it above his changing table.  Now when he gets his diaper changed he calmly lays there, happily watching the circles twirl {not really but it does catch his eye now and then and I think it’s super cute!}


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