Make your own appliques!

Make your own appliques!

This is one of my favorite crafty things to do.  If you give it a try you will be addicted too… no sewing required!

I like to use an applique product called “Steam a Seam.”  You will also need some fabric, scissors, and an iron.

The Steam a Seam (SAS) has 2 side sheets stuck to a sticky center sheet.  One of the side sheets is stuck on to the center sheet better than the other one, that is the one you want to draw on.

First you draw the shape that you want to cut out (on the side of the SAS that is stuck on better).  SAS is transparent enough that you can put images behind it and trace if you don’t want to do it freehand.

Remove the less stuck on side of the SAS (you can discard that) and stick the sticky side to the back-side of the fabric you want to use (make sure it is stuck on really well).

Now cut out the shape you drew.

Remove the back side sheet of the SAS and now you are left with a fabric sticker that you can stick on the fabric where you want to attach your applique.  You can layer your appliques if you want to use multiple fabrics.

With your iron on a med-high setting, iron the applique for 15-20 seconds and {voila!} you have your applique!

If you choose to, you can sew around the edge of the applique for extra staying-power (and cuteness!)  Another option is to use puff paint around the edges but this is not necessary, just if you want an outline.

Here is another example of appliques that don’t have anything around the edges:


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    • Sorry I forgot to get back to you sooner, I meant to check the packaging. It says that they are permanent but I usually do stitch around the edges if I think it will be washed a lot, just to be safe. For things like curtains or baby clothes that they will grow out of quickly, I don’t worry about it.

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