Door handle extreme makeover

Door handle extreme makeover

When we moved into our house I was overwhelmed with projects I wanted to complete and things I wanted to replace.  One of the first changes I wanted to make (since it is such an easy way to update your cabinets) was to replace our old brass cabinet handles with new brushed nickel handles.  After adding up how many we needed (way too many) and how much they each cost (way too much) I decided to try painting ours instead.  Four years later they still look great so it was definitely worth the time I spent.

I was worried that the constant touching would wear off the paint but really when you grab the handle you touch the back-side and nobody can see what that looks like {wink}.  Also our old brass handles were looking pretty worse for the wear so I think it is normal for handles to need to be replaced (or re-painted) every once in a while.

You will need:

1 can of spray metal primer

1 can of spray metallic paint (I used Rustoleum “stainless steel” color)

1 can of spray sealant (I used Minwax Polycrylic in satin finish)

I started by collecting all the door handles and giving them a little bath in warm soapy water.

Then I mounted them on a piece of cardboard, using a screwdriver to poke holes to stick them into.

Once the clean, dry handles were all mounted on the cardboard, I sprayed with 1 coat of the metal primer, allowing ample time for drying (the can will have instructions on how long to wait).

Then I sprayed the metallic paint.

Then I sprayed 2 coats of the sealer (letting it dry between each coat).

Let them dry overnight before re-installing.


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