Pretty spitty baby set

Pretty spitty baby set

This is a gift I came up with after I re-organized my craft room and realized I could make a lot of cool things using only materials that I already had.  It is a hand-made burp cloth and bib with cross appliques.

I don’t know about you but I had a very spitty baby so I liked having fun bibs and rags to mop it up and {try} to keep it off our clothes.  These always come in handy with a new baby, you can never have too many because having more just means you don’t have to do laundry as often!

This gift set I made is gender neutral but you can also make it more gender specific by choosing different fabrics or making different appliques.

You will need:

2 12″x18″ pieces white flannel (double layers for more soakage)

1 12″x18″ piece of printed flannel

1 white flannel bib cut out (I made mine by tracing a bib I liked and adding a quarter-inch border around the edges)

1 printed flannel bib cut-out

2 appliques


Start by ironing on the appliques (here is a tutorial) to the center of the bib and the bottom center of the rectangle.

Zig-zag stitch around the edges of the applique.

Line up the 2 bib cut-outs with the applique and printed side of the flannel facing each other and the backside of the fabric on the outside.  Use straight pins to hold them together

Sew a seam 1/4″ around the edge of the bib, leaving a 2″ gap on one of the straight edges.

Next remove the straight pins, turn the bib inside-out (now it will actually be right-side-out since it was inside-out to start) and iron the seam around the edge so it will lay flat.

Sew a seam 1/8″ around the edge of the bib (this will take care of the 2″ gap you left when you sewed the first seam).

Now the bib is almost complete- you just need to add the velcro tabs!

For the burp cloth– you lay the 2 layers of white flannel on top of the printed flannel (with the applique layer facing the printed flannel) and pin them together.  Then (like the bib), sew the 1/4″ seam, turn inside-out, iron, sew 1/8″ seam around the edges… and now sit back and admire your beautiful handwork!

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  1. Those are great. I never really thought of making a bib like that. I know for us, bibs are something we don’t have enough of.:) Between the eating, drooling and spitting…:)

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