Wire-wrapped Serving Utensils

Wire-wrapped Serving Utensils

This is one of my favorite gifts to make (great for housewarming, weddings, girlfriends…) and it is so easy that anyone can do it!  You can even do it while watching TV (um, and sitting on your leather sofa… the one that is in the background of the photos {wink}).

This set I made is for a couple who have a lot of black, brown, and copper in their kitchen.

You will need:

Serving silverware (I found some in the clearance section at Bed Bath and Beyond)

Wire (I used copper but you could use any kind that doesn’t rust. Nickel beading wire is a good choice too)


Needle-nose pliers


I started by putting on the beads.  I tried to use a random mix of sizes and colors and I strung them to be about twice as long as the handle (it’s okay if you have too many on there, you don’t have to use them all).

Then I started wrapping the wire tightly around the top of the handle (covering up the end of the wire).

Once I had the top wrapped securely, I started wrapping my way down the handle and sliding beads on to the front side of the handle as I went.  You can backtrack and add more beads to the area you just wrapped if you think it needs more.

I wrapped the beads all the way to about 1/2″ from the end of the handle.  Then I wrapped the wire several times tightly, and started working my way back up the handle but this time I just added wire on top of the beads.  This is where you can go crazy with the wire and use as much as you want.

When I had worked my way back up to the top of the handle and was happy with the amount of beads and wire, I was ready to finish it.  I turned the fork over and did a double wrap around a wire on the back and used my needle-nosed pliers to crush the part I wrapped so it would stay secure.

Then I just snipped off the end and they are ready to go.  I hope this lovely couple will have as much fun using them as I did making them!

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