Autumn Paper Bag Crafts

Autumn Paper Bag Crafts

Lately we have been enjoying daily high temps lower than 100 degrees, welcome to fall in Texas!  I get very excited about changing seasons (especially after such a long, hot summer) so I decided it was time to make some fall crafts!  These 3 projects are made out of paper lunch sacks, paper, glue, and a little paint!


I found the pattern for this project here.  I printed the templates and used some scrap paper I had to cut out the shapes (older kids can do this themselves).

We started by gluing on the face.

Check out these gluing skills!

We used buttons for the eyes…

Next the tummy and feet, and then we flipped in over and stuck the wings on and let it dry.


Here is the pattern for this project.

We started with the face, using buttons for the eyes…

Then did the body…

Hers needed a special pink flower on the hat (you can also add a bird or whatever the child wants)!

Then we flipped it over and glued on the arms and let Mr. (or Mrs.) Scarecrow dry for a while before the big puppet debut.

**My 1-year old wasn’t much help with creating the puppets but he really enjoys playing with them**


To get started, I turned the upper 1/3 of the bag inside out and painted it green (I didn’t worry about making it look perfect b/c I liked to see some brown showing through).

I turned it back to right-side-out and painted the lower two-thirds orange (I stuck it on a jar I had sitting around to keep it up-right).

Once those were dry I was ready to do the rest with my little helper… this is the easy peasey (and not messy) part.

I cut off some 2″ strips of another bag and we twisted them to form stems (it helps to get it just right if you make the face she is making!)

We stuffed them with some newspaper,  then cut the green part of the bag into strips to look like leaves (I trimmed some so they were different lengths).

We used green pipe cleaners (you can use ribbon or raffia or whatever you think would be cute or happen to have laying around)  to close the top of the bag around the stem and twisted the ends to make curly-cues.

These would also be a great way to wrap up some fall baked goods as a gift for someone!!

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