Ruffle Scarf

Ruffle Scarf

I love to do some blog surfing when I’m looking for ideas of gifts to make and one of my favorite places to go for inspiration is “Make it and Love it.”

Make It And Love It

That’s where I found this scarf that I thought would be perfect to make for some upcoming birthdays!

I cut 2 strips of cotton jersey to 120″x7″ (actually I bought 10′ of fabric and had enough to make 4 of these scarfs!)

Then I folded and pinned the pleats (this is the most time-consuming part).  They are each about 2″ wide, folded back 1/2″.  There is no need to be perfect with the measurements because when it’s all frumpled (don’t know why spell check doesn’t know that word) you can’t tell.

Then came the sewing… at this point I was so giddy about how cool the scarf was that I couldn’t stop.  First I sewed a seam 3/4″ from the edges.  I found it was easier to remove the pins as I went.

Then I sewed a seam down the middle (again, I just eyeballed it and it turned out looking great).

Next I removed all the pins and finished the scarf by sewing one more seam down the edges, this time 1/4″ from the edge.

Then it was ready to go!!  Now if we can only get some scarf-worthy weather!


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