Sham Artist

Sham Artist

I must admit that my cheap side and my crafty side had a bit of a conflict when I was trying to decide what to do about new bedding in our master bedroom.  My crafty side wanted to make it all and my cheap side said it would be cheaper to find a killer deal (nice fabric really adds up $$). I ended up satisfying both my cheap and crafty side by buying some of it on clearance and making some too.  I found a great deal on a king size comforter  and some super fun throw pillows and since I couldn’t find any euro pillows that I like that weren’t super expensive, I decided to make my own.

I found some basic (boring) euro pillows at a JCPenny outlet and then made some rockin shams for them out of some aqua fabric I got at Joann (thank you 50% off coupon!).

Here’s what I used for each sham:

30″ square of fabric

2 18″x30″ rectangles of fabric

**I came up with the 30″ measurement because my pillows were 24″ wide…. you may need to make adjustments to the measurements depending on the size of your pillows and how wide you want the border around the edge to be**

After cutting the fabric, I put a 1/2″ hem on one of the long sides of each of the rectangles.

I layed out the square with the print side of the fabric facing up.  Then I layed out the rectangles on top (print side down) so that all the outside edges lined up and the hemmed edges overlapped by a few inches.  I pinned them in place.

I sewed a 1/4″ seam around the edge of the square.

I removed the pins and turned the pillowcase right-side-out, then ironed the edges flat.  I sewed a 1/8″ border around the edge to keep it flat.

I then put strips of blue tape 3″ in from the sides, making a guide for me to run the sewing foot along for sewing the inner seam.

After sewing the inner seam, I removed the tape and was ready to complete my new bedding ensemble!


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