Glam Glittered Leaves

Glam Glittered Leaves

Fall is here and it’s time to kick it off with “Creating A Fabulous Fall” week at!

What better way to decorate your house for fall than with something that is all too plentiful this time of year… fallen leaves!  I always love to decorate with plants and leaf patterns but this time I really glammed it up with glittered leaves!  They are so easy and fun to make and they can be used in all kinds of fall decorations (as you will see with my other fall projects this week)!

Start by gathering leaves (this is something the kiddos can help with).  It doesn’t matter if they are dry and brown or fresh and green, whatever you find that you like will work.  I  wanted a variety of shapes and sizes and I liked the ones that were ripples and wavy (they look cool when they are all shiny)!

Heat up some paraffin wax in a crock pot (in my case you call your mom and say “Mom, can I borrow your crock pot full of wax?”  I realize it is not so easy for everyone).  The wax takes a few hours to get heated.

I found it  helps to prepare an area for working with the pot of wax,  leaves, and plates full of glitter (I used extra fine glitter, because that’s just the kind of girl I am {wink}).

Now for the fun part… dip a leaf in the wax…

Put it in the glitter plate (you have to work quickly or the wax will harden)…

Sprinkle glitter on both sides or rub the leave around in the glitter.  Then knock off the excess and lay the leave out to cool.

Within a few minutes they are cool and ready to go!

***I did find that the orange glitter didn’t look right on the green leaves because the green was showing through but it looked great on the brown leaves***

***If you are glittering multiple leaves on a stem, it works better if you dip it in the wax once and then lay it out to harden (all the way) on some foil, then dip it again and add glitter***

I decided to bring some fabulous fall into my dining room by hanging some from my chandelier!

I just used clear fishing line to attach them.

The pumpkins and gourds on the table were another fun, easy fall project I did.  I found some deeply discounted fake pumpkins (they were a little banged up– paint chipped off, missing stems…) and painted them with metallic paint (although they would also look super cool dipped in wax and glitter!).  I also pinned some of my glittered leaves on top of some of them and stuck in pieces of wood where they were missing stems.

Ooh, ahhh, it makes me so happy!!

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