“Give Thanks” Banner

“Give Thanks” Banner

I loved the banner that I made for my son’s birthday party so much that I decided to make a fall banner to adorn our fireplace.  It makes me really happy when I see it and remember that we really have so much to be thankful for; definitely worth the time and $ it took to create it (especially since I used materials I already had so it was free)!

I started by cutting triangles out of cardstock paper.  I made them 7″ wide and 7″ tall so I could get 2 triangles out of each 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper.

To make the letters, I first printed them out the size I wanted.  Then I cut them apart and one at a time I would tape them to a piece of scrapbook paper and use an exacto knife to cut them out (a fancy cutting machine would be a lot easier but all you really need is a $2 knife to cut them out).

I used a glue stick to glue the letters on the triangles…

Then outlined the letters with glue and sprinkled glitter (leftover from my glittered leaves) on the glue (shaking off the excess).  You could also use a glitter paint pen… I just used what I had.

For the triangles on each end and in-between the words, I glued on some of my “glam glittered leaves.”

Now they were starting to look pretty fab, but I thought they looked little stark so I dry-brushed some brown acrylic paint around the edges.

That did the trick!

Once I was happy with the triangles, I punched holes in the top corners (you can use a hole-puncher or if you’re super cheap like me, the tip of your scissors will make nice holes… just be sure not to poke them through your hand).

I used some random ribbon pieces to tie the triangles together, leaving the ends hanging down.  I left some longer pieces of ribbon on the ends to hang it with.

Then it was ready to go beautify my living room!

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