Pumpkin Painting Party

Pumpkin Painting Party

I love my book club!  They inspire me and we have a lot of fun together… and every once in a while we even discuss a book!  We decided to start having a monthly craft night and to kick it off I hosted a Pumpkin Painting Party.  We had a blast and ended up with some adorable pumpkins!  I hope you will grab some of your best girl friends and have your own Pumpkin Painting Party too!

I asked everyone to bring their own pumpkins (real or fake) and any specific supplies they wanted to use to decorate them, and I said that I would supply all kinds of paint and stencils.

I set up a work area on the patio (it was a lovely evening) and covered the tables with tarps.  I also set up a separate area for spray painting with a large piece of cardboard on the ground so people could spray their pumpkins on that.

And of course we needed some snacks and drinks.

Time to get the party started!

For most of the painted pumpkins we started by either spray-painting or brushing on paint for a base coat.

When the base coat was dry we would add some decorations with a brush…

or with stencils…

We even did some glittered stencils (taped on the stencil, sprayed adhesive through the stencil, and then sprinkled on glitter).  The spray adhesive also worked well to coat whole pumpkins in glitter!

Some girls chose to use paper and Mod Podge instead of paint.  One way to do this is to cut out strips of paper (we found that tissue paper works best) and apply them to your pumpkin with Mod Podge and then paint a layer of Mod Podge on top.

Or instead of covering the whole pumpkin with paper, you can just cut designs out of scrapbook paper…

and use Mod Podge to stick them on the pumpkin.

For my pumpkins (which came from the Dollar Store) I chose to use metallic paint and some of my glittered leaves, which I attached with straight pins.  For the orange one I sprayed on a light coppery color and then dry-brushed on a more intense orangy-copper paint, then stenciled on designs with silver paint.  For the green one I used a round stenciling sponge brush to make metallic brown polka-dots.  And for the turquoise one, I hand-painted swirls and then dry-brushed on silver paint.

I also painted the one in the lower right corner of the next photo.  I spray painted it silver and then stenciled a damask pattern with metallic brown paint all over the pumpkin.  Then I dry-brushed some of the metallic brown paint all over and topped it with some glittered leaves and ribbons that I attached to the stem with straight pins.

This one turned out cute, my friend made it for her daughter.

They all turned out great and we had a really fun time!!!

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