Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian Necklace

This weekend I had the pleasure of getting to go with my boys to a lovely cabin on a little lake in the woods. While I did learn not to expect to have a “relaxing” trip when you take a 1-year-0ld to stay in a house that is not baby-proofed (or probably any kind of traveling with a toddler for that matter), I did get to carve out a little time (whenever he was asleep) for hanging out with my sweet hubby, reading, and a little crafting!

Maybe it was the fall pumpkins or a little ballgame this weekend (still love you longhorns!) but I was in an orange mood and decided to make some orange jewelry.  I hope you like it because you are going to have a chance to win it!! (More details to come soon).

This is the view from our front porch this weekend… bliss!!

To make this necklace I used a mixture of stone (carnelian) and glass beads, a stone rose pendant, beading cable, lobster clasp and closure, 2 crimp beads, needle-nosed pliers, and clippers.

I started by using a double knot to tie the lobster clasp close to the end of the cable.

I slipped one of the crimp beads over the knot…

and used my needle-nosed pliers to compress the crimp bead to hold the knot securely. (The crimp beads are not absolutely necessary, but give your necklace a little added strength… just in-case a toddler or thief tries to pull it off).

Then I began to string the beads, making sure that the first few beads covered up the short end of the cable so it wasn’t sticking out.

I continued stringing the necklace, adding the pendant when I had reached half-way (it helps if you measure it against another necklace that you like the length of).  When I got to the end I put on the other crimp bead.

To tie the clasp on securely (without any slack in the necklace) I like to first make a loop through the hole of the closure…

and then pull the closure down tightly against the rest of the necklace. Then I use the loose end of the cable to tie a knot around the necklace cable (make sure the knot is in-between the closure and then crimp bead).

After I had the knot tied snugly I strung the spare end of the cable back through the crimp bead and a few of the first beads on the necklace.

Then pulled it through and used the needle-nosed pliers to compress the crimp bead….

and clipped off the end of the cable.  Now it is ready to go (along with these lovely earrings— tutorial coming soon!) to one of my lucky blog readers!!!


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