Ghostly Greeting Cards

Ghostly Greeting Cards

I love making greeting cards out of scrap paper.  This is a cute idea I came up with to make a Halloween card and get the kids involved. (If your kids feet are bigger you might need to get creative and make a longer card or just a cute sign!)

I have to start by saying that if you are doing this with a wiggly little toddler it would be easier to do it with 2 adults… but (with a little bit of mess) we were able to accomplish it with just me and my son!

Since it was just the 2 of us, I thought it would be much easier to do the foot painting while he was in his high chair.  To get started I set out a plate with some white paint (I happened to have acrylic but tempera would work great and be easier to clean up!), a paintbrush, and a cookie sheet with a piece of black construction paper on it.  I also highly recommend having some damp paper towels within grabbing distance (wish I had thought of that before I got started).

I quickly brushed the paint on his foot and stamped it on the paper (notice there are no pictures of this action?).  Needless to say it was a 3-handed job and since I only have 2 hands we got a little messy, but nothing a damp rag can’t take care of!

Once the paint dried I drew on some cute ghostly faces with a black marker, cut the “ghosts” out of the construction paper, cut up some other scraps of paper, and glued it all together to make some cute cards!

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