First Time Finger Paints {recipe}

First Time Finger Paints {recipe}

I tried some finger paints with my son a few months back and he didn’t really get it but I thought he might be ready for some finger painting fun now.  I was right, he had a blast and created his first paint masterpiece!

I decided  I should make some edible finger paints because he still likes to experiment a lot with putting things in his mouth.  I wanted to teach him that paint is for painting, not eating,  but I knew that he would sneak those fingers into his mouth anyway so I didn’t want it to be harmful for him.  Once he learns that paint is not for eating we will move onto non-edible paint!

I used this simple finger paint recipe from EasiePeasie

3 Tbs. sugar

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 cup corn starch

2 cups water

gel food colors

You just mix together the first 3 ingredients in a pot…

And heat until it just starts to thicken (once it starts to thicken it gets thick really fast so be sure and pull it off as soon as it starts to thicken!)

Then put it into separate containers and add as much food coloring as you like (I found that the different colors needed different amounts of food coloring and also it depends on how intense you want the color to be)

Once the finger paint is cooled you are ready to start painting!

I found it worked best to have the area (and the boy) totally prepped before setting out the paint so I put out a drop cloth, put an old t-shirt on my son, got a wet rag ready to go, and taped a large piece of paper covering his craft table.

I put some paint on the plate and we got the paint party started!

At first he was like, “mmmm, some yummy new food to try.”  (I didn’t get any clear pictures where he had the paint around his mouth, the boy is a blur in most photos)

I’m not gonna lie… he got paint on everything he touched (table, chair, doggie door… I soon learned to wipe frequently, especially every time he got out of the chair which was every few seconds), he ate a little, and the whole painting session only lasted a few minutes and then he was ready to do something else.  But we had fun, he learned about paint and colors, and he made a really cute painting!


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