Little Helper Apron

Little Helper Apron

I don’t have a daughter so when it’s time to make a gift for a little girl I like to make something really girly!  I thought this would be the perfect gift for an adorable little girl I know who likes to help Mommy in the kitchen and doesn’t like to get messy (she is appalled by my son’s eating habits)!

I was also inspired by a little apron I found that was mine when I was little.  I used that one as a pattern (and cut a1/4″ border around the edge)…

but if you are starting from scratch you can create your own pattern out of butcher paper using the following template and measurements (this size is for a 2 year-old child).

I cut out 2 of the apron shapes so I could double-layer it.

I also cut out two 6-1/2″x4-3/4″ rectangles for the pocket and 4 strips (16″x2-1/2″) for the ties.

To make the apron ties I ironed the strips of fabric so that each long edge was folded over 1/4″ and then it was folded in half down the center.

I sewed a seam down the side of each one and folded over the end and sewed that too.

Then to decorate the pocket I made appliques for the letters of her name, ironed them on to the fabric rectangle…

And sewed around the edges to outline the letters (my tension was messed up but I thought it looked kind of cute and hand-made so I left it like that, I’m all about the “happy accidents”).

Then I decorated the pocket with ribbon, ric-rac, and lace.

With both of the fabric rectangles (the front and back sides of the pocket) I folded the edges under 1/4″ and ironed them…

then sewed the 2 rectangles together to hide the messy back-side of the one I decorated.  Then the pocket was all ready to be sewn on.

I pinned the pocket into place on the piece of fabric that would be the apron front, and sewed the bottom 3 edges, making sure to double back at both ends for extra security.

Next I sewed some pink ruffled lace along the bottom edge of the apron, with the top edge of the lace facing the bottom edge of the apron.

Then I laid the front side of the apron facing up and pinned the apron ties facing in (everything that I wanted to be sticking out from the apron, like the ties and lace, had to be facing in from the edges so that when I turned it inside-out they would be facing out), laid the back layer of the apron facing down on top of the front side of the apron, pinned them into place, and sewed a 1/4″ seam around the edge (leaving a 2″gap on one side).

I turned the whole thing right-side out through the 2″ gap, ironed it flat, then sewed a seam around the edge of the whole apron to hold it all together and close the gap I had left.

Then I sat back and admired my handiwork!  I think it looks perfect for her and I hope she likes it!

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