Autumn Tree Paintings {toddler craft}

Autumn Tree Paintings {toddler craft}

We had so much fun last week with the finger paints that I decided to use them for another craft project: Autumn Tree Paintings.  Leaves around here may not exactly be turning colors yet (and it may not really feel like fall either) but I thought we could make our own trees start to change color anyway.  We invited a friend over to join in the fun!

I started by painting bare trees on sheets of card-stock paper.

I made leaf-shaped stamps out of potatoes and got the paint ready on plates.

I showed the boys how to dip the stamps in the paint and stamp it on the trees to make leaves.

My boy happened to need a lot more help than our little friend (yep, that’s some paint on his mouth… glad they are edible since he hasn’t learned yet that paint is not for eating).

Our little friend did a great job stamping his leaves all by himself! (Yes, that is my son sticking his whole hand in the plate, he would have proceeded to stick it in his mouth if I wasn’t there to stop him)

I decided to let him make hand-shaped leaves.

He is a very active painter… the next Jackson Pollock?  He was a blur in 90% of the photos.

Glad I had covered the table with paper… our friend did a good job of keeping his side of the table clean (he’s looking at his hand saying “messy,” my boy is not too worried about the mess).

We had a lot of fun and ended up with some beautiful tree paintings!

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