DIY Photo Key-chain {win one!}

DIY Photo Key-chain {win one!}

What parent or grandparent doesn’t want a darling key-chain with a photo of their little sweetie(s)?  You can follow these simple steps to create your own, perfect for the upcoming holidays!

I started out with a double-sided pendant that I bought at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section.  I printed 2 photos and cut them to fit inside (there is a template on the package).

Then I put a photo in one side of the pendant and used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (this stuff is waaaay cool!) to fill it in.  I made a dome on top because the Mod Podge shrinks as it dries.  Then I let it sit for a day.

***You might want to tell all members of your household not to touch it no matter how tempting it looks, otherwise you end up with a photo of a certain loved one and a fingerprint from another certain loved one***

Once that side had dried completely, I turned it over and did the same thing to the other side of the pendant.

Now if you want to make this for a man (or you don’t want to mess with wires and beads), you can just put the photo pendant on the key-chain ring and be done at this point.  I wanted to add a little more bling to mine!

I put some colorful beads on a few pin-wires (for more about working with wires and pliers check out this tut).  Then I used my round-nosed pliers to make a loop at the end…

and I twisted it around the wire a few times so it would hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

(I clipped off the extra wire sticking out)

Then I attached all my little beaded bangles to a loop at the top of the pendant and attached the whole thing to my key-chain ring.

Want to win a photo key-chain with photos of your own little darlings?  Go to the cheapcraftymama facebook page to enter to win!

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