Bottle Toys {recycled toys}

Bottle Toys {recycled toys}

Since my son gets tired of new toys so quickly, I started brainstorming creative toys I could make him out of things we already had.  One of my friends gave me a great idea of making toys out of empty bottles.  These have been a favorite of his for months and they are pretty much free since they are made out of trash!

He gets so excited when he makes loud noises so I put some noisy things in the 3 small bottles: pasta, beans, and jingle bells.  Not only are they really noisy when you shake them but the bottles also make a nice crinkle noise.

In the bigger bottle I put water, glitter, and blue food coloring.  It its fun to swirl it around and watch the sparkles.

Here are some other ideas of things you can put in bottles: sand, beads, rice, marbles, oil/colored water, feathers, pencils… anything you have laying around that is small enough to fit in the bottle.

**Just be sure you screw on the top very tightly or glue it on so nothing gets swallowed or makes a mess**

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