Top 10 Tuesday- Advent Calendars

Top 10 Tuesday- Advent Calendars

I’m really excited about Thanksgiving next week and I don’t want let it be overshadowed by Christmas, but I wanted to go ahead and post these awesome Advent calendar ideas so you can have time to make one before Advent starts!

I love the idea of spreading out the Christmas cheer so it’s not only about the “big” day.  Advent calendars are a great way to help your family celebrate the birth of our savior and learn about the true meaning of Christmas.  I also love the idea of having a fun activity to do each day to celebrate!  What a fun tradition for kids to look forward to!

Advent Calendar/Fridge Art

Baby Socks (adorable and easy to make!)

Made From Paper and Fabric (includes list of fun Christmas activities)

Clothespins and Packages

Trinkets and Magnets

Inspired by Pottery Barn (gorgeous!)

Wrapped Gifts

Advent Tree

Silver and Blue Boxes (I would want to keep this one out all year too!)

Embroidered Felt

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