Trash to Treasure Console Table

Trash to Treasure Console Table

When I found this table it only had 3 legs attached.  Lucky for me the other leg was nearby and also I am married to a handy guy who helps me with my crazy projects!  With a little wood glue and some paint, this console table went from trash to treasure!

After re-attaching the leg, I lightly sanded the whole piece and painted it with oil-based primer.

I used latex paint to paint most of the table green, and painted cream-colored paint on the sides and a cream rectangle on top.

Next I used a Melanie Royals stencil for the design on the top and created my own coordinating stencil (using a plastic sheet and cutting knife) for the sides.  I stenciled on the designs in a light gold color. Then I used a small brush and several colors of acrylic paint (mixed with some clear latex glaze) to paint over the stencil so it looked hand-painted instead of stenciled.

I distressed the whole table with sandpaper and added a brown stain (brushed it on, then rubbed it off with a rag) to make it look antique.

I love the way it turned out.  It is one of the first things people see when they enter our house!

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