Double Strand Beaded Jewelry {guest post}

Double Strand Beaded Jewelry {guest post}
Hi!  I’m Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, and I’m excited to be here at Cheap Crafty Mama today!  Kate and I actually have a lot in common; we’re both stay-at-home mamas who love crafting with our toddler sons, blogging, and making jewelry. Today, we thought it would be fun to swap blogs; Kate is over at One Artsy Mama with a “loopy turquoise earring” tutorial, and I’m here to share with you a little about myself and one of my favorite jewelry techniques!  As for me, I’ve been married to my best friend and dance partner for almost 10 years now, and we have an adorable 3-year-old son, my “Little Crafter” who lights up our lives.
I’m a lover of books, art, music, photography, and all things creative. I’m passionate about Jesus, dance, and my family.  And I’m addicted to Starbucks.  Peppermint mocha, anyone?
As for the project I’m sharing today, I thought it would be fun to show you how to make this double strand beaded bracelet.  Jewelry makes such a great holiday gift, and it’s always nice to keep for yourself too!  This technique is super quick and easy, and depending on the length of your wire, you can make it into a bracelet or an anklet too.  Here’s how to create your own:
stringing wire
4mm beads in two different colors {16 of each color for a necklace, 8 of each for a bracelet}
2mm silver beads {17 for a necklace, 7 for a bracelet}
2 tube crimp beads
2 jump rings
1 clasp
tools: crimp tool, wire cutters, needle nose pliers
STEP 1: Cut two strands of wire that are your desired length.
STEP 2: Thread both strands through a crimp bead and jump ring, then feed ends back through crimp bead.  Crimp using tool.
STEP 3: Thread a silver bead onto both strands.
STEP 4: Thread one bead onto each strand.
STEP 5: Cross wires below beads and thread another silver bead onto both strands.
STEP 6: Repeat steps 3-5 until you’ve used all your beads.
STEP 7: Thread a crimp bead and jump ring onto the other ends of both strands and feed ends back through the bead just like you did at the beginning.  Crimp.
STEP 8: Twist open one of the jump rings and attach clasp.  Close jump ring.
That’s all there is to it!  Easy, right?!  Different color combinations give a totally different look too.  I think the blues look beachy, while this black and pearl one looks elegant and could even be worn with a little black dress.  The one pictured below is purple and white {if you read my blog, you know I’m a huge Ravens fan, so I have to represent!}.  You can even buy stringing wire in different colors, which creates a neat look when they criss-cross.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I’d love to see how yours turn out if you give it a try!  I’d also be so excited if you’d come visit me at One Artsy Mama and at my Etsy shop…it’s such fun making new friends!
Thanks for letting me share my project with you today, and thanks to Kate for graciously sharing her blog with this artsy mama!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed holiday season!
Happy Crafting!

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Thanks so much for sharing Amy!  The double strand beaded jewelry is SO cute and the instructions are great!

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  2. love these! I just had to make one, so I used what I had on hand, pink rose quartz 8mm, and green alexandrite 6mm beads, and clear glass seed beads in place of the metal ones. I used two green, and one rose in each section, and I love the results! I’m so excited to go out and get more beads and make one with both strands having the 8mm beads. Nix that. Make Several, in different color combos. Just in time for Christmas gifting, too. Thanks for this fantastic post.
    PS, I’m a “beginner beader”, having made earrings for ages, and am only just getting going on larger. 🙂

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