Baby Girl Flower Hat

Baby Girl Flower Hat

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!  I had 25 people over to my house for lunch and we had a wonderful time!  Luckily everyone brought something so I didn’t have to cook everything, it turned out great!

Yesterday I posted about how to make a “Sweet Lil Owl Onesie” and today (as promised) I’m going to show you how I made the matching flower hat!

To make the flower, I traced 5 large circles (about 2″ wide) and 4 smaller circles (about 1.5″ wide) onto some of the striped t-shirt fabric.  (I like to use whatever circular objects I can find to trace circles).

Then I cut them out and folded them all (except 1 of the large circles) into quarters (folded them in half and then half again so they made quarter-pie shapes)

I laid the 1 larger circle flat, then laid 4 of the large folded circles on top.  Then I sewed them in place (I just sewed a few stitches around the center of the circle).

I laid the smaller folded circles on top, staggering where they overlapped.  Then I sewed around the center of the flower and fluffed up the petals (ooh, pretty flower!).

To make the hat I traced one of our infant hats  (leaving a 1/4″ margin) on a piece of jersey fabric that was folded in half.

I made the bottom of the hat extra long because I wanted to fold it over a couple times.

After cutting out the hat shapes I sewed them together with a 1/4″ seam around the top and sides.

Then I turned it inside-out, rolled up the bottom of the hat, and sewed a few stitches at each seam to hold it in place.

For the finishing touch I used fabric glue to attach the cute little flower to the hat.

I think it turned out SO cute and it looks perfect with the owl onesie!

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  2. So cute! I might try to make a bow out of the flower instead of a hat for Kenzie – I think she would love it! Thanks for showing us how to do it!

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