Hand-painted Wooden Christmas Signs

Hand-painted Wooden Christmas Signs

Since it’s “Deck Your Halls” week here at Cheap Crafty Mama, I decided I wanted to deck my front porch with a cute Christmas sign. I liked it so much that I ended up making several so I can give them as gifts!

I found some scrap pieces of wood (there is a scrap bin at Home Depot or Lowes that you can dig through if you don’t have your own scrap wood), lightly sanded the edges,  and painted a thin coat of spray paint on them.  I like to keep the paint light so the grain can show through.  I painted some of the boards bright green and some chocolate brown.

Then I painted “Joy to the World” on each of them.  I did it by hand but you could also use stencils.  If you want to do it by hand it helps if you print it on a computer in the font and size you want to try to copy, then you can lay it on your board for a reference while you paint.

Next I painted some decorations on the boards.  On the brown ones I painted holly leaves and berries, and on the green ones I painted polka-dots.

Once that was dry I wanted to do a little more embellishing, so for the brown ones I added a “linen” color of paint on top of the letters and then lightly dry-brushed it all over the board.  For the green boards I glued on some buttons.

Then I attached some hooks to the edges and strung a wire across the top.  You could also attach the wire with nails or staples.

For a finishing touch, I tied on strips of fabric to decorate the wire (recognize that fabric from my Christmas place-mats?)

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