Tidy Toys

Tidy Toys

One of my projects for this week has been finding a home for the new Christmas toys.  We don’t want to have a house that is over-run with toys so we like to just have toys that can be put away in the toy cabinet in the living room.  I wanted to create a system that will provide a place for everything, and that would make it easy to put things away in their place.

Here’s what I came up with:

I bought plastic crates at Walmart and made labels for them using white duct tape and a sharpie marker.

Also I used a clear plastic zipper bag that a blanket came in to hold all the balls.

I’m trying to teach my son that it’s fun to put his toys back in the box when he’s done playing with them.  He’s pretty good at putting them back in the box but then he thinks it’s even more fun to immediately dump them out again, ug.

Now if I can just get my kid to not be so offended when his toys are put away…

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