Top 10 Tuesday– Organized Spaces

Top 10 Tuesday– Organized Spaces

Organization is a constant battle for me, I’m not a naturally organized person (I’m an artist).  When I organize a space in my house it makes me really happy but I do have a hard time keeping it that way (remember my Christmas confession about my lovely organized craft room?  I’m happy to report that it is back in order now).  The main areas that people see of my house usually look pretty neat and clean, I have a harder time with the secret places that nobody else sees (like my closet and under my bed).  Well these ideas have really inspired me to work on some more organization in our house, I hope they inspire you too!

Sewing Closet Revamp

Awesome Organized Kitchen

Organized Car

Lovely Organized Pantry

Cheerful Organized Garage

Playroom (this room is amazing!)

Small Pantry Organization

Cleaning Closet (I want one of those!)

Coat Closet

Closet (I like the matching hangers and color coordination, very cute!)

I hope these have inspired you!  I know they have inspired me, maybe I’ll give you a peek later at some of the projects I’m working on in our house!

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  2. Kate, I love all the things you do – the organized spaces! I especially like the craft/laundry room. Today I did some organizing for myself, which makes me feel good.


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