Big Announcement… {drum-roll please}


If you have been around me lately you may have noticed I have been acting differently.  I like to nap a lot and I cry at the drop of a hat (yes, coffee commercials and country music get me every time… it’s probably best to just play it safe and do whatever I want you to do).  When I’m awake I like to be eating and my food of choice is pizza (maybe that is why my face is starting to look like a pepperoni pizza).  Also for splurges I used to go for something sweet and chocolatey but now I prefer something salty and crunchy (hello potato chips).  Although I still go on walks just about every day, I am developing a huge gut….

and it’s not just from all the holiday eating….

You may have guessed it by now….


Our bundle of joy is due next summer, hopefully before the heat gets too oppressive.  We are so excited and grateful that God has blessed us!

Let the baby crafts begin!  Well maybe I will hold off until we find out the gender which will be in February.  One of my next projects is going to be to re-do our guest room and turn it into a rockin bedroom for my little boy.  I want to do it before I get too huge.  Our nursery is pretty gender-neutral so I won’t have much to do in there (glad I planned it that way so I wouldn’t be re-doing 2 rooms while pregnant).

Last time when I was pregnant I had to quit my painting job so I was like a stay at home mom with no kid.  When my nesting instincts kicked in full force I went a little sew-crazy.  I sewed up a storm and could think of nothing but finishing my current project.  This time around I do have a toddler that keeps me pretty darn busy so I don’t know how much of that I will be doing.

Here is the shirt I made for our son to wear to tell our family our happy news:

I will have a tutorial for that coming soon!

Blessings to all of you this week!

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  2. Yay! I don’t know when you found out but you had already left my house at our Book Club Thanksgiving when we had the “who’s pregnant now?” discussion. 🙂

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