Big Brother Applique Shirt

Big Brother Applique Shirt

I made this shirt for my son to tell our big news to family.  He wore it for Thanksgiving when we had about 30 people over for lunch at our house and we had fun sharing our news!

I started with a plain t-shirt (I could only find one with a pocket but I just made it work).

I got a strip of applique paper (I use Steam-A-Seam), removed the least-sticky side, and stuck it to the back side of some plaid fabric (which just happened to be part of an old sheet).

I cut out the letters by hand but you could also draw then on first, or if you’re not comfortable doing it by hand you can print them out and stick the print-out and fabric/applique on a window to trace the letters (like I did with my Christmas Tea Towels) and then cut them out with scissors or a utility knife.

I removed the back side side of the applique paper, and then stuck the letters in place on the shirt.  I love using Steam-A-Seam because it is like stickers that you can move around until you are happy with the placement.

Next I heated my iron to a high heat and ironed on the appliques for about 15 seconds.

If you are not a sewer, you can stop now.  Steam-A-Seam is supposed to be permanent but I feel like sewing around the edges gives it a better chance of holding up to multiple washings (and it looks cute)!

I sewed a zig-zag stitch around the edges of the letters.

And then it was done!

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