My Pantry Organization Project

My Pantry Organization Project

I was totally inspired by my post last week about “Top 10 Organized Spaces” so I decided it was time to tackle my own pantry.  It’s not as beautiful as the one I included in my post, but it was cheap and easy and it works for us!  It’s so great to open the pantry and feel a sense of peace instead of chaos.

I can’t believe we let it get this bad…

Yes, that’s my boy in the pantry… where he was pretty much anytime the door was left open because he loved to grab fist-fulls of dog food and throw it on the ground to “feed the dogs.”

You might notice that there has been an oatmeal explosion which was apparently my fault even though I was asleep while it happened.

Okay, now that my nasty secrets are exposed….

I started by taking everything out and throwing away anything expired or wasting space.  You can see that I had made former efforts at organization but just hadn’t done a good job of keeping up with them.

I got lots of cheap plastic food containers at Kroger and put labels on them so I could find the ingredients easily.  I like how they stack so nicely; it’s a lot better than having several different sized of boxes and bags holding the ingredients.

I have designated spaces on the shelves for jars, cans, liquids, spices, snacks, and cereals.  Another big change I made was getting rid of many of the reusable grocery sacks we had been given but never use (this freed up a lot of floor space).

As I cleared out all of the junk on the floor, I found the lid to the dog food container!  Now my son can get into the pantry without getting into the dog food!  Of course now he likes to grab the potatoes and onions which are at his height and try to take bites of them… I’m sure if I move them he will find something else to get into.

Woo-hoo there is actually a floor in there!

I love the extra shelves we installed on the door for holding cans and plastic bags.

When I got all the food organized on the shelves I realized how dingy the shelves were so I used contact paper to re-cover them.  Now they look nice and are easy to keep clean.

Well my nicely organized pantry makes me very happy and I hope I will be better about keeping it in order this time!

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  1. This looks great! Nice job with your clean up! I’ve got this on schedule for this week as well, after cleaning out the rest of my cabinets in the kitchen last week. This one seems like it’ll be hard, but I just gotta buckle down like you did & get it done!

  2. Great work! I totally need to organize my kitchen cabinets, but keep finding reasons to put it off. :p Thanks for sharing your tips at Shine on Fridays!

  3. This pantry has transformed into something totally fabulous! Thank you so much for linking it up today at D2F! I need to get a label maker now 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness – that is defenitely picture worthy! I would be walking by it all night and opening the door just to admire it again and again. Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s funny that you said that because as I was posting it this morning my husband took a peek and he couldn’t believe that I was showing the before shots. I was like “I have to be real” hee-hee. I will stop by, thanks!

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