Thrifty Gallery Wall

Thrifty Gallery Wall

We recently re-arranged the furniture in our bedroom and were left with a huge empty spot on the wall.  I decided to create a gallery wall to display photos that will make us happy to look at everyday and remind us of our many blessings!

I was able to create it using mainly things we already had, and I also made a few purchases at garage sales or thrift stores.

Clockwise from top:

*pressed fern wall hanging I made for our bedroom when we first got married

*plaster wall-hanging that I found at a thrift store and re-painted to match the color scheme (it started out black and white, with a few chips in the paint)

*newborn photo of our son in a frame that we had in the attic because we got it from a family member a few years ago and were just waiting for the perfect use

* letter “D”- okay that was something I purchased new for this project.  It started out white and I painted it metallic brown/bronze to look like old metal

*metal photo frame with a photo from our trip to Italy- this is a thrift store find that started out gold and I painted it to look like wrought iron

*another pressed fern wall hanging I made for our bedroom when we first got married

*wedding photo in a frame I inherited from my grandmother

*wrought iron piece I got at a garage sale

*decorative piece of wood I painted to match

*family photo in a frame that started out solid black and I painted it with brown/bronze metallic paint

***One pointer I have for arranging the wall-hangings: cut out a piece of paper (newspaper works just fine) the size of each piece you want to hang on the wall and you can use tape to move them around on the wall until you are happy with the placement, then you will know exactly where you want to hang each piece without making any extra holes in the walls***

I mainly used 3-M picture hanging velcro to mount these on the wall, and a few nails.  Our son loves to look at all the photos and we tell him about each one.  We might need to make a few changes when the new baby comes but for now it is perfect!

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