Top 10 Tuesday- Valentines Ideas

Top 10 Tuesday- Valentines Ideas

With less than a month until Valentines Day, now is a great time to work on some Valentines projects!  Here are some inspiring ideas for spreading that lovin’ feeling in your house!

LOTS of cute Valentines Decor Ideas

Adorable Wreath

Valentines Chair Envelopes (PBK Knockoff)

Heart Garland

Clothespin Wreath

Valentine Hand Print Canvas {adorable!}

Valentines Pillow

Fabric Heart Wreath

Paper Heart Mobile

Button Heart Frame

You might also like:

Faux Mosaic and Stone Tiles

Nature Nursery

Trash to Treasure Console Table


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  1. I already posted a message here, but I don’t believe it went through! I found you on Sits and would love to be blog buddies. My husband has been deployed for the past year and is coming home just in time for Valentine’s day so these are some great ideas to decorate the house for his return.


  2. I saw your post on Sits and thought.. “Wow, she’s a newly married military wife, too!” And it just so happens that you blog about a lot of the things I am/want to blog about. My husband is coming home from a 12 month deployment just in time for Valentine’s day and some of these ideas are just too cute to pass up! I hope you don’t mind if I follow your blog and maybe even become blogging buddies. See you around the post.

    Madison @

  3. Thanks so much for featuring a couple of my projects! So many fun ideas for Valentine’s Day – I need some of those chair envelopes. SO cute! Have a great week!
    Jenn 🙂

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