Truck Ramp {free kids activity}

Truck Ramp {free kids activity}

My little boy is really into trucks these days.  He loves to wear his truck shirt (thanks Grand-Maggie!), watch Truck Tunes videos on Youtube, point out every truck he sees while we drive down the road (we pass waaay more trucks than I ever realized), and of course play with his toy trucks.  He always wants me to play with trucks with him but I guess since I’m not a boy I don’t really know how to play with trucks so I came up with an activity to do with his trucks that we both enjoy!

I found an extra board we had left-over from a project, propped it up on the fireplace (or you could use a chair) and thus the “truck ramp” came into being.  I like it because it’s free and it can be put away when not in use.

We like to race trucks down the ramp.

The trucks can also drive under the ramp.

He likes to climb on the ramp.

And my husband’s latest invention is a game called “truck smash” (but when you say that you have to use a voice like they use on monster truck rally commercials).  My husband builds towers out of wooden blocks at the bottom of the ramp, and then the truck comes down the ramp and smashes it, and then you have to yell “smash”.  This combines 2 of my son’s favorite things: trucks and smashing things.

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  1. We have 2 boards like this that came from old cabinets. We use them when we have company to place over stove and sink for more counter top room. My boys (and girls) like to use them as ramps, play-doh and painting boards (because playing at the table is just not the same as layng in the floor), they also use them as speed bumps for theit tricycles. (Yes, I do let them ride them in the house). It is amazing what they come up with. Ours have that slick coating so they easily wipe off. Keep sharing love your site!

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