How to paint stripes {tips from a pro}

How to paint stripes {tips from a pro}

I already shared my tips on how to save time and money while painting a room, and now I’m going to share my tricks for painting stripes!

I have been working on my little boy’s “big boy” room and I decided to paint some large horizontal stripes on an accent wall.  I’m also working on some paintings on canvas that will be hung along the stripe.

To get started, I used my laser level (one of my favorite tools) to put a level line on the wall.

You’ve got 2 options for painting the edges of the stripes.  If you have a steady hand you can lightly draw the line in pencil (using a yard stick to trace along the laser line) and then use a good brush to paint along the pencil line.  If you are able to do it this way it saves a lot of time because you don’t have to put on/take off tape and then do touch-ups.

If you’re not comfortable doing it by hand taping the line can work great too, but there are some tricks to getting it to turn out right.  If you just tape and then paint your stripe color you will end up with a lot of bleed-throughs under the tape and have to do a lot of touch-up (unless your wall is perfectly smooth, which mine is not).

First, apply the tape along the laser line, running your finger over it a few times to adhere as well as possible.  Make sure your base coat has had time to dry sufficiently before sticking tape to it.

Since you can count on getting a lot of bleed-throughs under the tape (unless your wall is perfectly smooth), your first coat of paint along the tape should not show up so the bleed-throughs won’t show up.  You can either use clear paint for this first coat along the edges or the paint used for the base coat.  I brushed a coat of the base coat along the edges of the tape.

Once that was completely dry, I rolled on the paint for the stripes.

Then I removed the tape.  There were still a few small bleed-throughs so I painted over those with the wall color, but that was it!

I also used this same method to create a framed “art gallery” area on another wall so we can display some of my son’s artwork!

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