Paper Heart Art {3 toddler crafts}

Paper Heart Art {3 toddler crafts}

Here are some more fun and easy Valentines project to do with toddlers!

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Here’s how we did the glued paper heart art:

I rounded up some scraps of cute, colorful paper and cut out a bunch of little hearts.

Then I let the kiddos choose the color of paper they wanted, set the hearts out on their table, and we got to glueing!

These little ones aren’t used to using glue by themselves so I put on dots of glue and let them stick on the hearts.  You could also let the kids use glue sticks.

Our sweet little friend has a much longer attention span than my son, notice he’s got a cracker in his hand now because after he stuck some hearts on he was ready to take them all off (and try to eat them).

It’s hard to think of masculine-looking crafts to make for Valentines day… blue paper was as close as we could come.

They turned out very cute and cheerful!

Here’s how we did the hand-print heart art:

I sat my little artist down at his art table, used a foam brush to put red paint on his hand (don’t worry, it was washable paint) and pressed his hand down in the middle of several pieces of white card-stock paper (re-applying paint for each one).  Then I wiped off that hand, painted the other and stamped that hand on the paper beside the other hand-print.  Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this process but my hands were a bit busy!  Here’s how they turned out:

Next, I traced on a heart-shape and cut it out.  Then I glued it to a piece of red construction paper and cut a border around the edges with my scalloped craft scissors.

They turned out pretty darn cute, and there is space at the bottom to write a Valentines message.  Some ideas are “these hands will hold my heart forever,” or “much love, from…”

Here’s how we did the painted heart art:

I started by covering our little art table with white butcher paper.  I gave my little artist a brush and let him dip it in some red and yellow paint I put on a plate and get to work (he loves doing this)!

When he was done I let it dry and then traced on a heart (I actually traced a marbleized heart because it was a great size).

Then I cut it out and glued it to a piece of construction paper and cut out a border around the edge with my scalloped craft scissors.

Here are all of our final projects, all ready to be hung up or sent away to loved ones!

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