Marble Art {toddler craft}

Marble Art {toddler craft}

It was a rainy and cold Saturday… we were looking for something fun to do inside… I rounded up a few supplies from around the house and we had fun creating a new kind of painting!  (He is definitely my son because he always wants to paint!)

You will need:

a baking pan


a few marbles or small balls

paint (I definitely recommend washable)

(I also recommend having a wet rag handy and possibly aprons and a drop cloth)

I taped a piece of construction paper to the bottom of the pan and put a few dots of paint on each side.

We put the marbles in the pan and started rockin’ and rollin’.

He liked watching the “balls” in the paint (he kept saying “ball, ball, ball”).

He decided it was also pretty fun to stick his hands in the paint… no biggie, I had my wet rag ready to wipe those sweet little paws.

We talked about how the balls roll back and forth and make lines on the paper.

It’s a great addition to his new gallery wall in his new bedroom (which is still in the works by the way).

My entry to  the appliances online  crafty creations competition. You can enter too at Lil’luna!

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