Striped Quilt

Striped Quilt

Since we will soon have a new little one moving into our nursery, I have been working on making our spare bedroom into a fun “big boy room” for my son.  I decided to work on it now while I still have energy and feel good.  We debated a lot about what kind of bed to use (any advice about getting a 22-ish month old to sleep in a bed is much appreciated) and decided to keep the antique full-sized bed in his room so I wanted to make a cute boyish quilt for him!

I have to warn you that I am not a quilter but I thought this would be a fun challenge for me!  As usual, I took a few short-cuts to save some time and money!


sewing machine


full-sized fusible quilt batting (81″x96″)

cobalt blue thread

(2) 100″ pieces of cobalt blue fabric

85″ of each of these fabrics:

orange plaid

aqua plaid

solid brown

solid cobalt blue

light green with brown spots

Before I started cutting and sewing, I washed and dried all the fabric.  Then I I used a yard stick and marker to draw lines on the fabric and then cut out strips in a variety of widths (I just cut strips out of the fabrics that were 85″ long).

Next I started sewing the strips together.  I would lay strips 2 front-side to front-side and sew a 1/4″ seam along the edge.  Then choose the next piece of fabric and sew it to the edge of one of the previous pieces.

Once I had enough strips sewn together that it was 96″ long, I turned it over and ironed the backside so the seams would lay flat.

When I was done with the front-side of the quilt, I got to work on the piece for the back-side.  I sewed the 2 100″ pieces of the cobalt blue fabric together and ironed the seam flat.

Next, I laid out the front-side of the quilt on the ground, with the seam-side facing up.  You can notice that the edge is uneven, this is because some of the fabrics shrunk more than others when I washed and dried them.

I laid the fusible batting on top of the fabric and pinned it in place.

Then I ironed the fabric so that the batting would fuse to it.

Once they were fused together, I trimmed off the excess fabric around the edges.

Next I laid out the blue quilt backing on the ground, with the front-side facing down.  I laid the top part of the quilt on top, with the front-side facing up, and pinned them together and then ironed them (I turned it over and ironed on the blue side) so the 3 layers would fuse together.

Then I trimmed off the extra blue around the edges, leaving a 2″ border all the way around.

I folded the blue fabric over 1″ and ironed it, then folded it over 1″ again and ironed that, so I had a 1″ blue border around the front edge of the quilt.  Then I sewed 1/8″ from the inside edge of the blue to create the edge of the quilt.

To finish the quilt, I sewed along the seams where each of the stripes joined together.

That part got pretty tricky because I had to fit the bulk of the quilt through the sewing machine.  I found that it helped if I rolled up the part of the quilt that was going to be fed through the sewing machine.

When it was done I washed it because it had all kinds of little thread clippings (and dog hairs) all over it.

I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I like it a lot better than anything I could find online and I was able to save $ by making it myself!

I had some extra fabric left over so I made pillow shams and bunting curtains!

Here are some other projects from the room so far (more to come):

You can click on the image to view the tutorial

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