Spring Centerpieces

Spring Centerpieces

Last week I posted “Top 10 Spring Wreaths” which got me in the mood for some spring decorating!  I decided I needed a fresh look in our dining room so I came up with some bright, cheery spring centerpieces.  I was able to make them using mostly things I already had, all I had to buy was the flowers (which I got for half-off)!

I started by painting some old terra cotta pots I had stacked up in our backyard.  They are all different sizes but that’s fine with me!

These are the colors of paint I used:

First I brushed on the aqua, leaving a little terra cotta showing through.

Next, I dry-brushed on a little green and brown, then brushed and stippled (dabbed) the linen color.

To make the flower arrangement, I started with a cube of floral foam and used a serrated knife to slice it into 3 pieces.  Then I cut off the corners of each square so they would fit in the pots.

I also got some moss to cover the foam, and 1 bunch of flowers for each pot.

I cut the flowers apart with wire-cutters.  Then I put some moss in the pot on top of the styrofoam.

I began sticking the flowers into the foam (they go through the moss to hold it in place).  I wanted to make low arrangements so we won’t have to remove them to eat.

I set them out on a wide runner I made for our table.

I love the simple design and cheerful colors and I might just have to paint the pots on my front porch like this too!  I think these will also be great centerpieces for a bridal shower I will be hosting this spring!

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  1. Hi Kate! Happy Monday. I linked over from Skip to my Lou as your spring painted pots caught my attention. I really like the painting technique you used. I love altering pots. If you’re interested to see my tiered terra cotta planter, I hope you will come over for a visit at http://altered-artworks.blogspot.com and say hello. I’m now following you.

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